Terrifying Scene Unfolds As Pit Bull Attacks Small Dog, Inflicting Severe Injuries In A Florida Restaurant – Today Leaked


In a distressing incident at the Yard House restaurant in Boca Raton, Florida, a pit bull attacked a small dog, snatching it out of its stroller while diners were enjoying their meals. The incident was captured on video by a witness and shared on an Instagram account called PPV_Tahoe. The footage shows the chaotic scene as restaurant staff and customers panic in response to the pit bull’s aggressive behavior.

A larger dog grabs a puppy off of a woman’s lap while she is eating lunch pic.twitter.com/vlR59F1Qnz
— Crazy Clips (@crazyclipsonly) June 10, 2023

According to the witness who filmed the incident, the pit bull suddenly approached a table and grabbed the defenseless small dog, launching a vicious attack. The witness expressed their shock and trauma, recounting the heart-wrenching sight of the small dog’s owners picking up their pet’s torn ear from the floor.
The video begins with the sound of people screaming, and a waiter from the restaurant attempting to control the pit bull and separate it from the stroller. Despite the waiter’s efforts, the pit bull manages to evade both the stroller and the table while biting the small dog’s neck. As the pit bull tries to escape from the restaurant, a customer wearing a blue t-shirt and dark-colored shirt intervenes, kicking the large dog. Another customer, sporting a white hat and shorts, tries to pry open the pit bull’s mouth in order to make it release the squealing dog. He also delivers a punch near the pit bull’s jaw.

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