Suspects posing as construction workers rob Kelowna, B.C. home hit by semi-truck – Okanagan


A Kelowna, B.C. family who has been displaced from their home after a semi-truck smashed into it last month is now dealing with another hurdle.

As if a semi-truck lodged into their home wasn’t enough, they were the victim of a robbery and the owners believe the suspects may have been camping inside.
“It’s beyond frustrating. I’m fed up with dealing with this,” said homeowner Samer Shehadeh.
“A lot of valuables were stolen. Seems like they were in there many times over the last couple of days. A lot of valuables are gone from the third floor, second floor of the house.”

2:05Semi crashes into Kelowna townhouse

On April 11, a semi-truck rammed into the home, forcing the family out for the next eight to 12 months as the truck did significant structural damage.

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This left the home unprotected and criminals found a way to get inside by posing as someone else.
“The three to four guys posed as construction workers this morning. When the security guard confronted them for ID, that’s when they kind of took him to the corner. It seemed like he had a knife or something in his pocket, threatened the guy,” Shehadeh said.

2:17Owner of Kelowna home hit by semi truck calls on the city to improve road safety

The thieves made off with Shehadeh’s car and because of an app on his phone, they were able to find the car with help from police.

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“They set up their kind of covert team and kept tabs on the vehicle all morning. They were able to track it. The guy moved and they were able to arrest the culprit that stole the vehicle,” he said.
Shehadeh says it seems as though the suspects may have been there longer than he initially thought.

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“It almost seems like they were camping in the house based on what we’ve seen so far. Open cans just on the ground, downstairs,” said Shehadeh.

1:58Semi removed from Shuswap home

The family has now increased protection on the home to hopefully avoid another incident.
“They started to board up the house, it had flimsy plastic on it. Now they’re putting wood. They’re stepping up the security guards  — they’re putting two people now,” Shehadeh said.
Kelowna RCMP has confirmed to Global News an investigation is underway and will be releasing more information as it becomes available.

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