Who Is Stephen Astorga, Alexis Avila Baby Father?


The father of Alexis Avila’s child has recently been in the news. Manu individuals like to find out about him. The public has shown a lot of interest in the case as it is progressing. The general public is looking for more information about the case on the internet. The public has been keeping a close eye on the case ever since it was brought to public attention. They are looking online for any new information regarding the case. You can find all of the information and new updates for this case in this article; just keep reading to learn more.

Stephen Astorga: Who Is He?

For throwing her newborn child into a dumpster, Alexis, a 19-year-old mother from New Mexico, received an 18-year prison term. However, the judge suspended the defendant’s sentence for two years due to concerns about the defendant’s mental health and his young age. After the mother’s public counsel argued that her actions were not intentional and that an undiagnosed mental health issue played a role, a jury found her guilty of child abuse with severe bodily harm. The judge emphasized that the baby’s life was saved by serendipity and God’s grace because the baby probably would have died if he hadn’t been found that day in Hobbs, near the Texas border.

Stephen Astorga is the father of the baby, which Alexis dumped in a dumpster. Shortly after the incident, he put out a statement in which he said that he was shocked and horrified by what had happened and that he didn’t know Avila was pregnant. Avila at first let specialists know that she didn’t have any idea who the child’s dad was, yet she then, at that point, changed her story and expressed that the child’s dad was, as a matter of fact, Stephen Astorga. The child’s dad, Stephen Astorga, expressed that Avila experienced a premature delivery and that she was presently not pregnant.

Stephen Astorga

Nonetheless, the child, presently named Saul, is under the watchful eye of the Astorga family, who report that he is getting along nicely and is blissful and sound. The family values the assistance of the community and is committed to providing the infant with a safe and loving home. Oscar Astorga, the newborn baby’s grandpa, has revealed that the child’s father is his 17-year-old son. The baby was thrown into a dumpster in New Mexico by his teen mother. There is no open Wikipedia page for Stephen; After the tragedy and the arrest of his baby’s mother, he and his family recently entered the public eye.

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