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Sites like Twitter enable us to connect with people from all over the world, and as a result, social media has become an essential part of our lives. However, the internet isn’t always rosy, and the content that people post frequently leads to arguments. One illustration of this is the YouTubexYesu video, which has been trending on Twitter. Despite the fact that the actual video probably won’t be disputable, the individual who transferred it, RealxYesu, has been posting content that isn’t ok for the office (NSFW), which has caused a stir. In this piece, we’ll discuss the debate encompassing YouTubexYesu, RealxYesu’s tweets, and their 65.4K supporters.

Who is YouTubexYesu and what is the subject of the video?

YouTubexYesu joined Twitter in May 2022 and uses the platform. The user’s real name is RealxYesu. On the website, they have 65.4K followers and eight other people they follow. A cat playing with a piece of cloth is the short video that went viral and established YouTubexYesu as a popular platform. Despite the harmless nature of the video, the creator has been receiving a lot of attention for the wrong reasons.

NSFW (not safe for work) tweets from RealxYesu RealxYesu has sent out 143 tweets, and many of them are not safe for work. Because the user has been posting sexually explicit content, users are concerned. Even though Twitter’s rules allow NSFW content, users can still report it if they find it offensive or inappropriate. However, RealxYesu’s tweets, according to some, are not only NSFW but also manipulative.

What is happening with RealxYesu and YouTubexYesu?

The YouTubexYesu movie that went viral may appear to be harmless, but the user who made it is the subject of controversy. People are concerned that weak people are being exploited due to RealxYesu’s NSFW tweets. A few clients have said that RealxYesu’s tweets hurt individuals who are now outwardly and being abused. Additionally, the fact that Twitter has not taken any action regarding RealxYesu’s tweets has alarmed some Twitter users.

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