The ending killed me’: Fans sob over heart wrenching ‘Firefly Lane’ finale episode



The bifurcated streaming strategy is usually a good fit for high-concept titles, ones trading in suspense, where mysteries, murders, and mayhem can be introduced and cliffhanger-ed over the course of multiple premieres and finales. The friendship between Tully and Kate, as endearing as it is enduring. Kate’s cancer diagnosis spreads to all aspects of her life, from her relationship with Johnny to her professional ambitions, but it’s how it absolutely levels Tully, cracking open the closed-off character and forcing her to contend with her worst nightmare, that finally gives the show the emotional wallop it’s been promising since episode one. Regardless of all the series’ time-jumping absurdity and soft-focused sappiness, Heigl and Chalke—and, by extension, ​​Skovbye and Curtis as their youthful counterparts—sell the hell out of the friends’ sheer devotion to one another, making their final run as “Firefly Lane Girls Forever” not only genuinely affecting but actually earned.

Fans claim of their soul being ‘destroyed’
Fans started pouring out tweets immediately after watching the Season 2 Part 2 finale. A fan said, “Firefly lane ending. I’m fkn impressed not by the ending but by tully’s closing scene omg.” A fan wrote, “The ending of firefly lane might have absolutely destroyed me, but it was absolutely beautiful and perfect. I’m not sure if I’ve ever enjoyed something so much. @KatieHeigl and @sarahchalke are legends and my god you guys have created something beautiful on screen.”  A fan shared, “The ending of Firefly Lane was very emotionally driven. I cried every damn episode,” while another wrote, “Firefly Lane ending actually destroyed and healed my soul at the same time I am unwell.” A fan commented,”It’s a bittersweet feeling isn’t it because you know it’s ending, you know there’s cancer in the storyline but you can’t wait to watch it. Don’t think there’s ever been anything so good about female friendship as our Firefly Lane girls.” Lastly, a fan tweeted, “Firefly Lane was FANTASTIC, the ending killed me I can’t wait for the rest!”

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