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Video of Jackie Miller, a Bus Driver; Jackie Miller, a bus driver in Ohio, says she misses the students she used to transport, but she won’t be returning to her position because she was bullied by a group of disruptive students.

In the wake of the controversy surrounding a viral video of Miller yelling at the children, the GoFundMe account that was set up to support the bus driver while she takes some time off and looks for a new job has already raised more than $60,000.

In an interview with a local news station, Miller stated that the majority of the children she frequently drove were “smart and wonderful” and that she “has no words to say how grateful I am for all the people who have supported me.” Miller is seen in a viral video rushing down the aisle after a student reported that the bus had been perfumed.

“How much more do you expect me to f*****g take?” she exclaimed. before requesting the name of the responsible student.

Mill operator demanded that she would be able “cracking smell” it in spite of the understudies’ all’s refusals of splashing anything.

She said, “I’m done with it,” pointing to specific students and saying, “I’m sick of you.” I’m going to start seriously kicking some people in the arse.

Is it safe to say that you are hearing me? She shouted. My foot will get so high up in your arse that it will stick out of your nose.

Miller stated, “I’m allergic to that s**t,” while the kids continued to deny spraying the perfume and claimed that she could smell it.

“I should get off this bus now and let you people walk the f**k home,” she continued.

Despite her harsh response, Miller later gave an explanation for her actions, telling 3News that the same group of teenagers had intentionally sprayed perfume on the bus a month earlier, causing her to have a significant asthma attack.

“She sprayed perfume on the bus, and I had a terrible asthma attack,” she claimed.

I had to get off the bus, get my inhaler, and try to make my lungs expand again before I could continue. Because they were aware of this, I had the children open every window.’

Miller became an unusual hero as a result of the large number of people who came to her defense for what they perceived to be a reasonable response to a dangerous situation.

A neighborhood shop in Amherst, Ohio began donating a portion of sales to the school bus driver, even selling t-shirts with the well-known irritated statement printed on them.

Donors to the GoFundMe campaign also backed Miller’s actions in response to what they perceived as the students’ agitating and risky behavior.

Rosalind Robbins thanked you for keeping the children safe for all those years. I’ve seen bus drivers pull children out of harm’s way when an approaching car speeds around the bus as the children get off, saving their lives. Teenagers who ought to have learned to respect the authority figure certainly do not deserve to treat you badly.

Michael Glassman remarked, “Thanks for saying what should have been said to these kids long ago.”

“Thanks, Jackie!,” continued April G. Today, very few parents are successful in raising moral individuals! You are entitled to the very best. I hope your retirement goes well.

Miller later admitted that she regretted what had happened, but she promised not to change her mind and insisted that her actions were right.

Miller claimed that the students had been intentionally causing her distress for years and that she had had enough when the perfume was sprayed once more after the first incident.

The bus drivers are treated in the worst way possible, she continued, therefore this is a problem that affects all of them. “We are treated with such disrespect,” someone said.

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