Christine Chubbuck suicide video ‘has been located


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Newsreader Christine Chubbuck’s on-air suicide in 1974 has long been a source of morbid internet fascination, and earlier this year not one but two films about it were premiered at Sundance.

Despite being broadcast live to thousands, the recording of the newscast was thought to have been lost, with her brother Greg previously telling People: “I don’t know to this day where it is, but I know no one knows where it is.

It was probably for the best that the tape was lost, but it seems this is no longer the case.Mollie Nelson, the widow of Chubbuck’s news station, confirmed to Vulture this week that she has the video.

it having been passed onto her by her late husband Robert Nelson who apparently had kept it all these years though did not say why.

She then drew a .38 caliber Smith and Wesson revolver from behind her desk and shot herself behind her right ear, falling forward and striking her head on the desk before falling to the floor.

You can read a full account of what happened here.Though thankfully rare, on-air deaths and attacks are unfortunately seen by many these days, with it being nigh on impossible to restrict any event from the internet completely.

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