Forbes lists Rihanna, Jay-Z, and Kim Kardashian as the most successful celebrities.





Rihanna, Jay Z, and Kim Kardashian are among the celebrities on Forbes’ annual Billionaires List for the year 2023.

Due to the success of her Savage x Fenty underwear and Fenty cosmetics collections, umbrella hitmaker Rihanna made the list of the world’s billionaires for the second year in a row.

Rihanna came in at number 2002 on the Forbes list, which was released on Tuesday, with $1.4 billion, down from $1.7 billion the year before. In contrast, Titanic director Steven Spielberg, now 76, was 694 with $4 billion after the Avatar sequel came out last year.

Kim, 42, is 2,259th on the rundown yet her abundance is down from $1.9billion last year to $1.2billion. Her Skims shapewear line has been hugely successful, and the company is estimated to be worth $3.2 billion.

After Adidas cut ties with Kanye due to his anti-Semitic remarks on social media, he did not make the list.

The rapper had a multi-year agreement with the sports company for his brand Yeezy and was ranked 1,513 on Forbes’ rich list in 2022. However, following the brand’s termination, which came after the cancellation of several other lucrative deals, the wealth of the father of four fell below $1 billion.

Oprah Winfrey and Jay-Z round out the list.

Jay-Z’s wealth has increased from $1.4 billion to $2.5 billion, putting him at number 1217 on the list. Oprah made the list at number 1217, but her wealth has decreased from $2.6 billion to $2.5 billion since last year.

Forbes’ 2023 ranking includes 2,640 billionaires from 77 nations.

Elon Musk, 51, is now the second richest billionaire in the world, falling to Bernard Arnault, the chairman of French luxury goods giant LVMH which owns brands like Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, and Tiffany & Co.

The two had been trading places on the outlet’s daily Real-Time Billionaires list over the past few months, CNN reports, but Arnault was able to supersede Musk in the annual list after his net worth grew more than $50billion to $211billion.

Musk’s net worth fell to just $180billion — $39billion less than it was last year, according to Forbes’ calculations.

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