Reportan incremento de flujo migratorio en frontera Valle Nuevo


The migration flux in the border region of Valle Nuevo, which is limited to El Salvador, has increased, according to the Instituto Guatemalteco de Migración (IGM), since the end of the Christmas holiday.

In response to this situation, the IGM has put in place a contingency plan in various frontier cities across the country to guarantee a safe and effective migration control for tourists wishing to enter the national territory.

In order to accomplish this goal, personnel in frontline positions have been strengthened with appropriate training, and the information system’s uninterrupted operation has been ensured. In addition, technical personnel are available to ensure the correct operation of the system. In light of this, the IGM has sent a team to strengthen the country’s migration delegations.

The IGM also reported that the 22 fronterizos are operating normally for the weekend of Christmas. These fronterizos have a greater migration flux. However, the following delegations should see an increase:

El Salvador San Cristóbal, Nueva Anguiat, Valle Nuevo Pedro de Alvarado, Honduras, Agua Caliente, El Florido, Chinchado-Corinto, Belice, México, El Carmen Tecn, Umán, Guatemala, Aeropuerto Internacional, La Aurora, El dato, El IGM recommends that individuals carry their paddles in their hands to avoid retrasos. In addition, keep in mind that minors must accompany both parents or present a passport with authorization before leaving the country.

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