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Kitchie Mayweather's PA Marikit Laurico Involved In Car Accident - SHSTRENDZ

This article was written in response to the news of Kitchie’s passing from a car mishap. This case has once more drawn attention to traffic accidents, demonstrating that this problem has grown to be the biggest in the entire globe. Even though there are many strict rules in place, these cases continue, and more are being added everyday. Now, many people are in a shock and mourning condition as a result of Kitchie’s sudden death. The deceased was Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s personal aide, and she was well-known for her commitment and diligence.

Kitchie Car Accident
Her untimely passing has devastated his family, friends, and loved ones. The deceased’s complete name is Kitchie Mayweathers-PA Marikit Laurico, better known by his stage name Kitchie Kitch, who served as Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s personal assistant. According to the report, this event took place on March 29, 2023, on a Wednesday. It is unknown at this time how old she was when she passed away. Many of her fans and coworkers were shocked to learn that she was killed in a car accident. She was an essential member of Floyd Mayweather’s squad. She was renowned for her tenacity and diligence.

She was a personal aide in addition to being interested in fashion and travelling. According to her social media messages, she enjoyed her job and was regarded as the team’s top worker. Her friends and relatives describe her as a compassionate person who was always willing to help others. On March 28, 2023, she was involved in a vehicle accident while en route to the airport to pick up Floyd Mayweather. Kitchie Kitch died as a consequence of this incident, which occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada. She sustained a fatal injury when the car she was riding in collided with another one. In the same car mishap that killed Kitchie Kitch, Floyd Mayweather’s close friend Andrei Sison also perished.

Josh Ford, who was also a passenger in the vehicle, was the only survivor of the collision. Ford was wounded multiple times and is currently recovering at home. He sent his condolences to her family and conveyed his sorrow over his friend’s passing. The authorities are looking into the case after it was reported and are seeking additional information. Overspeeding was determined to be the accident’s cause, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. It was discovered during the inquiry that the driver was under the influence of alcohol, which is what caused the fatal collision.

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