Model Soraya Manrique, who dazzled on the Bantrab Volcano



Model Soraya Manrique Garces, who was born in Huila, a Colombian province, has found her second home in Guatemala. Five years have passed since I last lived in the Quetzal and Monja Blanca habitat. Their love of fashion has led them to wear very important national brands. This time, our photographer Omar Sols had the chance to talk to Manrique, who shared important details about his life.

Soraya Manrique was born on August 6, 1992, and she is currently 28 years old and a participant in the Vuelta Bantrab 2023, in which several provinces of the country compete in a five-day race. commenced on Wednesday and concluded on Sunday.

The Colombian model stated that this is her second chance to be a part of the Grupo Financiero Bantrab’s image. To put it another way, she has attended the two initial events of this flight, which suggests she will have a long career.

When asked how she saw the environment in the first two stages, she responded, ” I’m very pleased to have received such a warm welcome from the people we’ve met.

Professional Soraya Manrique, a woman with a height of one meter and eight centimeters, said that she has lived in Guatemala since 2018, or roughly five years, so she has had to adapt to the national culture, but this has not stopped her from creating her dreams.

“Soy enfermera y administradora en salud ocupacional y aqu me dedico al modelaje,” the oiler enthusiastically stated.

“Mi objetivo a corto plazo es construir casas y a largo plazo a vivir de ello”, contestó Manrique sobre sus planes en Guatemala.

Añadió: “ I hope to travel a lot. Reach the point where I can continue to travel and live with these people without worrying about anything.

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