QTCinderella blasts JustaMinx for blaming “epilepsy” after she ruined Streamer Awards after-party

QTCInderella leak JustaMinx

“Blaire” QTCInderella has shared screenshots on Twitter blasting fellow Twitch streamer Rebecca “JustaMinx” for getting inebriated and causing the Streamer Awards after-party to shut down due to her unruly behavior.

As the host of the awards show, Blaire was clearly frustrated after Rebecca, known for her problems with alcohol, blamed seizures and epilepsy for her actions that night.

As clips of streamers and creators talking about Minx ruining the party started circulating, she tweeted out the following:

When a follower pointed out that she has had problems with alcohol before and should have stuck to the promise of not drinking at the event, JustaMinx doubled down, claiming she thought it would be fine if she got drunk at the after-party.

QTC Cinderella was having none of it and called her out for breaking her promise of not drinking at the main event of the Streamer Awards. She also shared screenshots where JustaMinx appeared to “pinky swear” not to get drunk at the event. Blaire sounded quite frustrated with the situation and hoped the Irish streamer would finally get help. The former stated:

“You were drunk before the after-party I almost had you thrown out of the show because you were yelling and making

everyone uncomfortable. Completely. I’ve tried everything with you. Rehab. Everything. I hope this is your rock bottom. Get help.”

she leaked the dms. Minx promised to not drink, and mentioned helping her including rehab.

“Make her pay you back”: Twitter reacts to QTCinderella losing $50,000 deposit after JustaMinx’s unruly behavior cuts Streamer Awards after-party short:

Fans of QTCinderella, whose event the Streamer Awards was watched by about 300K people live on Twitch, extended their support to the creator for going through such a problematic event at the after-party. One fan even asked Blaire to demand JustaMinx pay her back the $50K deposit that she lost after they were kicked out due to complaints.

For context, QT and Maya Higa discussed the details of their night on Wine About it. A clip of QTCinderella mentioning how she lost about $50,000 has been making the rounds on the internet.


At the very end of the clip above, she recalls how the Irish streamer got so sick that the ambulance had to be called and that ended the party with her losing money:

“The entire party getting shut down and me losing $50,000. You have a contract with your venue, it is very normal for all of your venues, like, any venue that you go to will have contracts for like, ‘Hey if the police show, we are not responsible but

unfortunately the party has to be shut down. If there is a disturbance in the neighbourhood, the party has to be shutdown…’”

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