Air Mattress Ashley video leaked on twitter, TikTok Meaning Explained


As TikTok creator Amy Frankly explains, the so-called “Pick Me Girls” are now known on social media as “Lilo-Lilo Ashley.” Basically, single women post videos of themselves dancing to Morgan Wallen’s “Last Night” and tell married men that if their wives don’t treat them well, the boys should come over.

The air mattress has to do with the fact that wives are a cheaper version of wives, more like luxury king-size beds, even if they just want to sleep on high-thread-count sheets. But while you might think married women watching TikTok videos feel threatened, many wedding designers have bucked that trend and are telling the “lilo-Ashleys” to keep trying!

Many formerly single ladies say “Lilo-Lilo Ashley”, which may lure a husband with a cold beer and take away his frustration that his wife isn’t “in the mood”, popular with spouses!

In a hilarious mosaic of videos, a married woman named Katie Miller packs her husband’s bags and directs Ashley in the labor of her husband, who suffers from Migraines, not sure how to clean a mechanic shop or kitchen, because that’s it.

Another creator, Lady Strange 91, shared her startling take on the “air cushion Ashley” trend, which ended up leaving her late husband’s urn and his luggage at the door.

“Her job is easy,” the creator says of Ashley taking on the responsibilities of her marriage, adding, “He no longer needs help with bathing or eating, toileting or walking.” She then ruefully admits, “I miss it to Take care of him.

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