Brittany Mahomes Parties With Her Ladies Amid Patrick Mahomes Drama

Brittany Matthews shares Patrick Mahomes pic amid Joe Rogan drama

Brittany Mahomes and her husband, Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes, are coming off a whirlwind of a month.

Between winning the Super Bowl and all the bigtime celebrations that subsequently ensued, it has been one thing after another for the pair.

As if Patrick didn’t have enough going on in his life, a bit of drama on the home front popped off this weekend. As usual, it involved his younger brother Jackson.

Over the weekend reports ensued that Jackson was reportedly accused of assault by a restaurant owner and waitress. Between the unfortunate video that emerged of him ahead of the Super Bowl and now this, it has just been one issue after another with him.

While Patrick is dealing with all that on the Jackson front, Brittany is taking it easy and partying with her ladies amid what looked like a bachelorette party celebration.

This week Brittany took to social media to share the imagery.

Brittany Mahomes video

If it feels like Brittany is spending more time with her girls as of late, it’s because she definitely is. A couple of weeks ago, while Patrick was off in Vegas recently partying it up, she too was having a good time separately with her gal pals. The photos from both events were quite telling.

A lot of this also likely has to do with the fact that Brittany just recently gave birth to her second child. During pregnancy, she was probably really constrained as far as going out. Now she isn’t.

Brittany is obviously a mainstay in the news cycle. Between her wild bus party photos from the Chiefs’ playoff celebrations and her memorable workouts with Kayla Nicole, it’s just one thing after another with her.

Certain NFL spouses have attempted to step into the limelight and do their best Brittany impressions. Trevor Lawrence’s wife’s wild recent vacation photos are probably the best example.

But in the end – there is only one Brittany.

By any objective measure, she and her beau are the clear King and Queen of the NFL.

What will Brittany and Patrick ultimately go viral for next? Time will tell.

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