Julien Bert Video Hilona Leaked

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I’ve been kidding myself for years because one person…is Julian”. That’s how reality TV candidate Hilona Gos started when she accused Julien Bert of domestic violence. In a video that was neither “condemning” her ex nor “(self)harming” but “telling the truth,” the starlet detailed the alleged attack Julian Burt made on her.

The young Corsican woman, 28, rose to stardom after participating in season 2 of TFX’s “Top 10 Ideal Couples.” She appeared in a number of episodes, including “Moundir et les Apprentis Aventuriers 4” and “Les Marseillais vs. the Rest of the World” before meeting Julian Bert on the set of “The Prince of Love,” who had previously captivated her with his portrayal of the author.

Putting in a house, getting a dog, arranging a wedding on a new episode of this W9 reality show… Every day, viewers and online users capture the couple’s activities on Instagram or TikTok, which results in daily tabloids.


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