Gladys Ricart case leaked on reddit and twitter, the bloody bride

Gladys Ricart glimpses her ex, Agustin Garcia, a split second before he shot her 3x with a .38 and killed her on her wedding day to James Preston Jr. in 1999 : r/MorbidReality

Gladys Ricart, 39, is a single mother of two living in New Jersey. She immigrated to the United States from the Dominican Republic at a very young age and lived an honest life working as a filer for a travel agency.

Relatives of Gladys would say after September 26, 1999, she was at her most vulnerable when she met Agustín Garcia. Garcia was a wealthy New York businessman who was a naturalized American. He is also Dominican.

They both fell in love, and their relationship was full of twists and turns. Gladys is an imposing woman of dazzling beauty. And Agustin’s physique is not very elegant, which makes him a very insecure person.

Agustín’s infidelity and unhealthy jealousy, coupled with his verbal and physical attacks on Gladys, make her decide to leave him and rebuild her life. However, he would never leave her alone.

Not even when she met James Preston Jr, whom she would fall in love with and get engaged to. Well, Agustín will start harassing her all over the place. In her home, at work, even when she shares it with her fiancée.

Gladys didn’t once or twice express her fears in front of her family and friends. In fact, they were photographed together in a store just days before the wedding on surveillance cameras. In those images, you can see a scary Gladys, forced to stay in that place. Agustín and a terrified Gladys were caught on surveillance cameras days before the wedding. However, a decision has been made and she has decided to start a new life.

On September 26, 1999, she came. It was the day Gladys and James got married, and Agustin was watching. Several guests spotted him while wandering around the bride and groom’s wedding house, but decided not to tell him so as not to spoil the bride’s celebration.

While Gladys was photographed with friends and family, Agustín walked into the house. He was well dressed for the occasion, so many thought he had resigned himself to his fate, and since he was an admittedly well-educated businessman, he would go to congratulate the bride.

What happened next shocked America.

In front of the camera, Agustin pulled out a Smith & Wesson revolver and shot Gladys, who was wearing a snow-white wedding dress. The screams of the bridesmaids echoed as the victim’s brother, Juan Ricarte, jumped on top of the assailant, snatched the weapon and subdued him. The killing moment. On the lower left, the murder weapon can be seen, with Gladys in the center trying to cover herself.

But it was too late. Gladys was shot three times, taking her life. A few minutes later, police arrived and arrested him. Gladys’ death shocked America and exposed the masculinity of many jealous men who wouldn’t accept a woman dumping them for any reason.

In late 2002, Augustine was sentenced to life in prison in Bergen County Superior Court for first-degree murder. Hundreds of people marched on Washington Heights this morning in memory of Gladys Ricart, a 39-year-old Dominican who was shot dead by her ex-boyfriend on her wedding day in 1999.

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