Watch Video of Michael Clarke’s girlfriend slap him in public park

Watch Video of Michael Clarke

The possibility exists that Michael Clarke would not be permitted to broadcast. Due to his public altercation with his girlfriend, Jade, he will miss the upcoming Test series between India and Australia. Michael Clarke was punched in the park by his girlfriend. Follow our website to find out about the latest news!

Michael Clark is frequently struck in the face by his girlfriend, Jade Yarbrough. In a manner indicative of her irritation. She yells, “You f***ing continue lying to me!” and adds many other profanities. The video of Michael Clarke’s girlfriend publicly striking him has gone viral.

According to sources, Michael Clarke’s current girlfriend, Jade Yarbrough, confronted him at a Queensland park. After discovering his infidelity with another woman. Clarke is a former captain who won the World Cup.In a video that has gone viral on the Internet, Jade can be heard berating Clarke and accusing him of having s#x with his ex-girlfriend Pip Edwards in December 2022. The video includes Jade’s spoken words.

Clarke urges Jade to physically punish him if she suspects he has cheated on her while sometimes attempting to soothe her. There is a chance that Jade will be depicted hitting him twice at some point. The entire confrontation occurred in a public park, and bystanders videotaped it as it developed from a verbal dispute to a violent assault. Witnesses captured the fight as it evolved from a verbal confrontation to a physical altercation.

You intend to bring her with you to India, correct? Yarbrough can be heard yelling at Clarke on the YouTube clip. “I’ve been monitoring the messages.

Pip, I want to spend the remainder of my life with you alone. Please accompany me to India. The legendary film could be more straightforward. However, thanks to the audio, every battle detail is audible.

In a video, Michael Clark’s girlfriend, Jade Yarbrough, can repeatedly be seen smacking him in the face. It is receiving considerable attention on.

Jade Yarbrough, the girlfriend of Michael Clarke, struck him and accused him of having an affair with another

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