Lake Elsinore shooting today, active shooter news now – Riverside County Sheriff

A Riverside County sheriff’s deputy was shot and killed in Lake Elsinore, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office said Friday.


The person suspected of shooting the MP has been taken into custody.

The deputy was taken to a local hospital.

Every city and county in California must develop a comprehensive, long-term master plan to guide its future. The master plan is the constitution for the future development of the city.

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The master plan includes text describing city goals and policies related to each element of the master plan, as well as illustrations depicting the general location of future land uses.

A goal is a general statement outlining a city’s values ​​or intentions for a particular issue, and is an open-ended expression of vision.

Policies are statements that help guide a city’s actions. State law requires nine elements to be addressed in the master plan: land use, transportation, housing, open space, conservation, noise, safety, environmental justice, and air quality. Among the identified optional elements is a healthy community element.

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