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Ashton Torgerson Accident Video of Horrific Chili Bowl Wreck

Ashton torgerson video is now trending on different social media platforms.The video gain a lot of attention among online users.

The people are wanted to know about the incident details.For this purpose they are exploring different social media accounts.

If you one of them who wanted to know about the trending video details of Ashton torgerson than read this article completely.

Who is Ashton Torgerson?

Torgerson, a 16-year old racer from Medford, Oregon.

Ashton crash video,

Ashton Torgerson was involved in an extremely scary flip that resulted with the driver being ejected from his vehicle.

Torgerson was running seventh when his car hit the outside retaining wall and began a barrel roll of several flips.

Rescue workers were already on their way to the scene before his car finally stopped flipping.The video of his accident trending on social media platforms.

Torgerson present condition,

Torgerson present condition is well after a few minutes of accident it was announced that the driver was awake and talking to officials and rescue workers.

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