Elisabetta Gregoraci and Giulio Fratini in costume in Dubai: passion under the sun, photos


Elisabetta Gregoraci shows off a spectacular physique and smiles enthusiastically. The weekly magazine Chi gives the 42-year-old showgirl and her new boyfriend, Giulio Fratini , 30, the cover: the two in costume come out of the warm waters of Dubai , the capital of the emirate of the same name which rises along the coast of the Persian Gulf, one of the most luxurious houses in the world, where the couple spent captivating days and welcomed the new year.

Elisabetta Gregoraci and Giulio Fratini in costume in Dubai: passion under the sun

Elisabetta kisses Giulio, a Florentine entrepreneur also included in the Forbes ranking in the list of under 30 talents who distinguished themselves in 2020. The boy, ex of Raffaella Fico and Roberta Morise , has completely conquered her.

Who publishes the shots that tell the warm holiday of the 42-year-old and her 30-year-old boyfriend

Giulio, born in 1992, graduated from the Milan Polytechnic and is now an established manager who works in various sectors, including luxury hotels, clothing and bioenergy. With women he knows how to do it and managed to break all the reservations of the Calabrian, who no longer hides with him, not even on social networks .

The two are no longer hiding even on social media

The two stayed at the Jumeirah Medinat Hotel , between hugs, kisses, a great desire to be together and tasty dinners, alone or in the company of other friends. Now they are both back in Italy. Elisabetta, after a few days spent in Monte Carlo, where she lives with her 12-year-old son Nathan Falco , a few meters from the house of her ex-husband Flavio Briatore , yesterday she has already left for Florence: without seeing Fratini for a long time she is unable to to stay.

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