New Sci-Fi PlayStation IP Leaked Online

Eevie Aspen Video & Photos Viral On Twitter, Reddit And YouTube

A new still image and rather short gameplay trailer from PlayStation reported as a new, unnamed sci-fi intellectual property has leaked online. There’s no official word on whether the rumor is true, but it comes from a source that seems to have reliably leaked information about the upcoming roguelike shooter Returnal.

The information released is incredibly light at this point in time. All that has been leaked is a five-second fragment of a futuristic soldier pointing his rifle at something that resembles some sort of huge alien creature climbing a tower, and a photo taken from the same piece.

Additionally, the post’s author includes a few other pieces of information. According to the leak, the game is being developed using Unreal Engine 5, and the leak comes from a “very early” build that would be consistent with its low-quality textures. The post also claims that British subsidiary XDev is working on the project. Additionally, the leaker promises that this will be the first of many leaks related to the alleged upcoming sci-fi game. The alleged leak was foretold by some accounts. Including Twitter user MBGfollowing the announcement.

Reactions to the image and video seem consistent with its brevity and low-quality presentation. While several reviewers have confirmed that this does indeed look like a “very early” build of a game, at least one has apparently predicted that any kind of launch will be at least three years from now.

We can’t confirm whether any of the rumors are true at this time, so all this should be treated with suspicion, but PlayStation and XDev seem to be keeping quiet about it for now.

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