Who Is Jovi Pena? Video Goes Viral On Reddit, Twitter, & YouTube

Twitch streamer Kai Cenat has a sizable following. Viral Jovi Pena Video

Who Is Jovi Pena, Age

Online influencer Jovi Pena is currently making headlines after she allegedly came forward to claim that she had been rap*ed and as*saulted. Her account quickly became widely known, and she provided evidence of both the assault and the story’s veracity. Influencer Jovi Pena, who has thousands of fans, claimed that she was as*saulted at a party that Kai Cenat, a well-known Twitch streamer, had thrown. Although Jovi was rap*ed while attending a party Kai hosted and her pleas for justice were ignored, the influencer bravely appealed for support on social media.

When Jovi added in an open manner that the streamer was indirectly to blame, his tweet quickly attracted a sizable following. She says that despite calling, nobody answered. She continued by stating that she is calling this issue online because she needs as*sistance and justice. She mentions that Kai called her while they were hanging out and drinking at his new year’s party. Kai told her that she was inebriated and that she should stay the night in one of his rooms as she was leaving. Jovi says that when Kai asked her to spend the night in one of the rooms up top, she complied, going to sleep there confident that it was a secure location.


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