Korra Obidi’s sister leaks WhatsApp chat with Justin Dean, shares conversation on dancer’s unclad videos


A WhatsApp chat between Nancy Umeh, sister of popular dancer, Korra Obidi, and Justin Dean has been shared online.

Nancy took to her TikTok page to leak the chat she had with the ex-husband of the famous dancer, Justin Dean before he announced he was getting a divorce.

In the chat, Justin had lamented to Nancy over the nudity in Korra Obidi’s videos on her social media pages.

Nancy, however revealed in the chat that she blocked him on WhatsApp because he accused her of supporting Korra’s posting of nude videos.

Korra and Justin Dean made headlines in March when the latter announced they are getting a divorce one week after they welcomed their second child.

Nancy who is known for the role she played in sustaining and maintaining peace in her sister’s marriage, had called out Justin countless times over the way he treated Korra.

Korra officially announced her divorce from Justin in a Facebook post on November 19, where she stated that she was open to moving on in peace with her ex, for the sake of the children.

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