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Keenan Cahill death: YouTube lip syncer who had Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome dies at 27 in Chicago hospital - ABC7 Chicago

Keenan Cahill death news trending on social media like Twitter and Youtube. In this article we are going to inform you that who is Keenan Cahill ? And what was his cause of died?

Who is Keenan Cahill?

Keenan Cahill is a youtuber who was born in Elmhurst, Illinois, USA. Keenan will turn 28 in 78 days; he was born on March 20, 1995. He was diagnosed with Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome, which mimics dwarfism.

Keenan Cahill is 27 years of age. He was born in 1995 in Elmhurst, IL.

Keenan Cahill career:

Keenan was a popular YouTuber who lipsynced to famous songs. He had several releases on iTunes. His first lipsynced YouTube video was on the Katy Perry song Teenage Dream which was released on August 28, 2010.

Keenan Cahill Instagram:

Keenan Cahill has over 21K followers on Instagram. His handle is @keenancahill.

Keenan Cahill net worth:

Keenan Cahill has an estimated net worth of $425,000.

Keenan Cahill Cause Of Death:

Keenan had Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome which can trigger physical restrictions similar to dwarfism and heart disease.

The illness causes tissues and organs to swell, scar, or become irritated, and then waste away.So he was somewhat taller than 4 feet.

He received a bone marrow transplant in 1997 and numerous other surgeries at the age of one to help address the genetic condition.Keenan died on 29th December, 2022 after an open heart surgery.

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