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Ayushi Maan is a Canadian video maker, who went viral after producing a shocking video in response to a comment made on one of her social media accounts. The video was viewed by over 10 million people across the world and resulted in widespread criticism by those who saw it.

As the video made its way across the internet, the name Ayushi Maan began to trend on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Her surprise video has been widely discussed and debated, with many people finding it heartwarming and emotional.

Ayushi Maan: The Creativity Behind the Viral Video


Ayushi Maan has been making videos for many years, starting as a teenager, with a YouTube channel dedicated to creative content. Her creative and comedic approach to making videos is inspiring, and her skill as a video maker has grown over the years. After producing her viral video, her fame and following on the internet have grown significantly.



Follow Ayushi Maan: Twitter and Beyond

Ayushi Maan has a strong presence on the internet. Her viral video was shared widely on Twitter, where she has accumulated nearly 50,000 followers, and she has over 1.3 million followers on her YouTube channel. You can find Ayushi Maan on Twitter here.

Reactions to the Video

Reactions to Ayushi Maan’s video were mixed, with most finding the video touching and inspiring. People from all around the world reacted to the video, commenting on the creativity and passion she showed in creating it. The comments ranged from admiration and support to criticism and outrage.

The video started to trend online and it wasn’t long before it was picked up by major media outlets, giving Ayushi Maan the recognition she deserved.

Ayushi Maan Making an Impact

Since her video went viral, Ayushi Maan has been positively impacting her community in a variety of ways. She uses her platform to spread awareness of social issues and to motivate young creatives to embrace their artistic expression. She has also started a charity in India to improve education in rural communities.

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