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Roomba robot vacuums captured sensitive pictures that were later trending on social media including one of a woman sitting on the toilet but the maker of the machines says they were taken by test models.

iRobot, which makes Roomba, said the self-driving vacuums were used by “paid data collectors and employees” as test units that would help the company develop its machine-learning capabilities.

Data from these test units was marked by a contractor noting things like whether the robot successfully made its way around an obstacle, like a coffee table. But images from that data got trending to Facebook, Discord and other social sites,


Roomba Pictures:

A pervy robot vacuum cleaner has captured photographs of a young woman sitting on the toilet, and the images later turned up on Facebook.

News of the shocking data trending from iRobot’s new Roomba J7 series robot vacuum emerged this month.

The pictures had been taken using the camera from a test model of the household gadget and then sent to Scale AI, a startup that contracts workers around the world to label audio, photo, and video .

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