Misrach Ewunetie leaked on reddit, Cause of Death Released for Princeton University


The revelation that an undergraduate student at Princeton University had committed suicide was confirmed by the authorities after a nearly week-long search for her body. The cause of death was determined to be suicide when an autopsy was performed on the student.

In October 2

018, the body of 20-year-old Princeton student Misrach Ewunetie was found outside the university’s tennis courts. She was discovered behind the schools Ivy League campus in New Jersey. Misrach Ewunetie had last been seen entering the hallway where she lived at around 3 AM. Before volunteering for a school organization for six days.

Ewuentie was given a full scholarship at Princeton, as well as the distinction of valedictorian for her high school class. This granted her access to extremely advanced medical care; she used hydroxyzine to treat allergies and also treated generalized anxiety disorder with the use of antidepressants Escitalopram and bupropion. However, she died from a toxic combination of these medications. Prosecutors claim that Ewuentie committed suicide due to the medications.

Ewunetie’s family became concerned she hadn’t responded to any messages when they reported her missing two days after she last appeared in public. They reported her disappearance to campus officials located near her residence hall. When Ewunetie’s brother was describing his lost feeling when he was abducted, he said it had a “gut-wrenching effect.” Universee Ewunetie stated that his sister is a caring person when she went missing. He added that she is the last person he would expect to go missing.

Ewunetie recently completed a junior college course in sociology with a certificate in computer applications from Princeton. She also completed internships at Bank of America and McKinsey & Company. Since she was attending high school in Cleveland, Ohio, the following year, her location on LinkedIn is labeled as “in.”

Ewunetie had spent years volunteering at the Greater Cleveland Food Bank in her home state. She was also an LEDA Career Fellow and 2021 graduate who was found dead in Princeton, NJ, after a grim discovery of her remains. This was an unthinkable tragedy for Princeton, which called Ewunetie’s death an “unfortunate event.”

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