Daniel Sanchez shooting, Dead After Triple Murder-Suicide


Two men, a woman and a young adult woman have died from gunshot wounds in a triple murder-suicide in Longmont. The shooter has been identified as 31-year-old Daniel Sanchez. He was released from the Boulder County Jail around 10 p.m. Monday, police said. After being charged with domestic violence against one of the shooting victims, his ex-girlfriend, 25-year-old Beatriz Cintora-Silva. He also shot and killed her sister, Maria Cintora-Silva, 22, and her husband, Max Aguirre Ojeda, 32, before shooting himself.

The shooting happened around 4 a.m. in the Longview subdivision of 11464 Hot Springs, near Highway 119 and County Road 3 1/2. This is on the east side of Longmont in Weld County, near the Union Reservoir.

One of the women who died called 911 and told dispatchers where she was, according to Weld County Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Tim Schwartz.

“Our dispatchers then heard groups of women yelling ‘no, no, no’ … followed by gunfire,” Schwartz said. “Then a male caller picked up the phone and said he was trying to kill himself. That’s when the dispatcher heard another shot.” Shortly thereafter, the Weld County SWAT team entered the home and found four bodies and a handgun, According to Schwartz, the pistol had been fired multiple times.

Schwartz said his department was investigating whether there was a history of violence in the home and questioning neighbors. “He shot through the back door,” Weld County Sheriff John Cook said. “He shot it out and went into the house.”

The bodies of Ojeda and his wife were found in one bedroom, while Beatriz Sintola-Silva and Sanchez were found in another, Cook said. Authorities found a .45-caliber Glock handgun near Sanchez’s body and 16 spent cartridge casings around the home, Cook said, adding that investigators were still inspecting the home and may find more .

Sanchez lives in another house on the same block, which has neat modular homes, winding sidewalks and parks. Cook said investigators found the gun’s original box when they searched the house, but they did not find a receipt and it was not clear when he bought it. The Sanchez pistol has two magazines, each holding 13 rounds, Cook said.

Copter4 footage after dawn on Tuesday showed crime scene footage around the home and its front yard. The Christmas lights adorning the house were still on and a garland hung in front of the house. Eddy Silva said she was the aunt of Maria Cintora-Silva and Beatriz Cintora-Silva. “They’ve just moved from another country and it’s just too bad that this happened,” she said.

The Weld County Sheriff’s Office said Beatrice Cinternora-Silva had recently split from Sanchez and moved into the home of her sister and her husband. Sanchez was arrested and charged with domestic violence on Sunday after beating Beatriz Cintnora-Silva. Beatriz Cinternola-Silva was ordered not to return to the apartment she shared with Sanchez and she refused protection, according to the deputies.

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